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Shawl ABCs – with Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits

November 5, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Have you always wanted to learn how to knit gorgeous shawls but don’t know where to start? We have the workshop for you! Join designer Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits for this inspiring workshop on shawl creation. Learn your Shawl ABC’s by knitting basic (triangular) shawls.

By the end of this 2-hour class, you will be able to:

  • understand the basics of shawl knitting
  • substitute increases
  • make modifications and create sibling shawls to the basic shawl

Supplies for Class:

Bring a skein of DK-weight yarn, US 7 needles, and stitch markers.

About Francoise Davoy:

“At Aroha Knits, as a knitwear designer and coach, I inspire and empower fiber artists to transform their yarn so they can manifest Aroha, one stitch at a time. I’m passionate about creating meaningful and fulfilling work, shaking up the industry and fibre community, and serving as a catalyst for transformative impact.

As a bi-racial, multi-cultural queer crafter of color, I work to empower knitters, whom I call Fibre Muses, by exploring the intersection of making with identity, so they can think deeply about why they create to make a transformational impact with their craft.

My designs draw influence from my Maori heritage, where I transform the stories that have been passed down into stitches and connect them to the story of why we make. Through this recreation, my work aims to remember the past and strengthen the future for the Maori culture and people, while enriching the present knitting community and share my experiences as a third-space person.

I’m on a mission to start a movement. I believe that our art and work as knitters can make a difference. More than ever, this craft, which forces us to slow down and breathe for just a moment, is needed in our society of instant gratification and go-go-go.

Knitting is not just a hobby, but a medium for us to carry out our life’s purpose. It is a powerful medium of bringing more joy, healing, creativity, and connection into our lives… one stitch at a time.

Through intentional creation, we are capable of transformative impact.”