Kelbourne Woolens Germantown


Germantown is a workhorse worsted weight American wool yarn.

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Germantown is a yarn with a history as old as America. For many years the term “Germantown” did not mean a specific kind or brand of yarn, it simply meant good quality worsted spun wool from Germantown, Pennsylvania.

The days of the bustling Germantown mills are gone. Most of the old textile mills in this country have shuttered, either in whole or part. The ones that survive tend to focus on one aspect of production – top dyeing, twisting, or just spinning – so in order to create a finished product, yarn must move from location to location before it is ready for sale. Wool may come from Wyoming or Texas, travel to California to be cleaned and processed, shipped to Pennsylvania to be spun, then to Maine to be dyed, and then back to a warehouse in Philadelphia. The machine, as they say, has a lot of moving parts. That said, there are many amazing small mills across the US who will make yarn sheep to skein, but as a wholesale company, we need to be able to have a large and consistent inventory, which is something – as amazing as they are – the smaller mills cannot manage. This, coupled with the desire to limit the manufacturing process to one location, makes domestic production an uphill battle.

Yarn details:

  •  4-ply 100% North American Wool in worsted weight
  •  100g/3.5 oz – 201 meters/220 yards
  • Gauge: 16-20 sts/4″ on US 6-9 (4-5.5mm) needles

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Black 005, Emerald 315, Goldenrod 725, Honey 708, Jade 338, Lilac 536, Myrtle 319, Natural 105, Navy 410, Old Blue 446, Oxford Blue 419, Pansy 514, Peacock 440, Pebble 059, Persian Red 613, Pink 665, Rhododendron 609, Sage 340, Salmon 667, Scarlet 625, Tan 278, Yellow 735