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Introduction to Making Marls: with Cecelia Campochiaro

August 9, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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Be inspired to see how just holding strands together enables you as a handknitter to make beautiful and interesting pieces. This is a virtual class about marling and the creation of the book Making Marls. It will cover the concepts of marls, marl sequences, the history of marls, and how to use marls as colorwork.

1.5 hour virtual session via Zoom. Zoom call is EST. Sorry recording is not permitted.

Skills needed:

Suitable for advanced beginners and beyond. Students should be able to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, increase, and decrease.

Skills learned:

  • The marled look
  • The history of marling
  • Designers who inspire us to use marls
  • Concept of marling and marl sequences
  • How the book Making Marls was created

Materials: (with links to purchase)

About Cecelia:

Cecelia Campochiaro appeared on the knitting scene in 2015 with her debut book, Sequence Knitting. Knitting was a casual pastime until she had an ah-ha moment in 2010 and realized that interesting textured fabrics could be created by the simple repetition of a sequence of stitches.

This idea evolved and led to her writing Sequence Knitting, which is a reference book about this mindful approach to knitting. In the years since Sequence Knitting debuted, she has continued to develop new ideas in knitting.

Sequence Knitting is about texture, and her second book, Making Marls, is about color. Making marls, the act of working multiple strands together as one, is an old technique, but has rarely been written about as an important technique in handknitting.

She lives in Silicon Valley, where for many years she developed specialized microscopes used in computer chip manufacturing. Textiles, photography and the arts have been a lifelong passion running in parallel with her technical life. In high school and college even though her main studies were in the sciences, she studied drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and photography.

Today she is fully dedicated to the fiber world and “unventing” new ways to make amazing knit fabrics.